From farm to factory to fork, let’s find new ways to grow, together.

Wisconsin has proud agricultural, food science, and manufacturing traditions. This unique combination of strengths makes our state a fertile place to find success for your food and beverage company.

In fact, eight of the 10 largest food companies in the world have operations in Wisconsin. They each found their supply chain, a central location for timely distribution, and an experienced and knowledgeable workforce in food and beverage processing. Beyond that, you’ll also find an intense interest in food science that has earned Wisconsin global recognition. Our investments in research and development have resulted in advancements that have improved growing practices, increased distribution efficiency, and raised safety and nutritional standards worldwide. Having access to Wisconsin’s strengths and expertise will help your company find new ways to thrive and grow.

Source: Lightcast Q4 2022 Dataset

Source: Lightcast Q1 2024 Dataset

Source: Lightcast Q1 2024 Dataset

Source: Wisconsin 2023 Agricultural Statistics, DATCP

Taking into account proximity to customers, logistics, high-quality human capital, and a business-friendly environment, Wisconsin was a great choice.

Edmund Poku

Founder, Niche Cocoa

Food and Beverage Companies in Wisconsin

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Our agricultural heritage, food science strength, well-educated workforce, and robust industry ecosystem will be advantages for your company.

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