Let’s let the world know how great Wisconsin is.

WEDC and its statewide partners are here to provide and promote programs that help businesses grow in Wisconsin. When those businesses expand, they need a stable pool of talent to support their efforts.

Our strategic marketing approach targets both businesses and talent—positioning Wisconsin as an outstanding place to find business, career, and personal success.

In Wisconsin, our state’s consistently high rankings for business climate, productivity, and personal fulfillment—coupled with compelling brand messaging—make a strong and authentic case for Wisconsin as an ideal location to start or build a business, grow a career, build a life, and raise a family.

The collaborative deployment of this distinctive marketing strategy by our economic development partners throughout the state is helping to attract and retain the best and brightest minds to fill existing and future jobs.

Talent Marketing Coop Initiative

WEDC’s Talent Attraction and Retention Marketing Cooperative Initiative aims to help eligible participants statewide by magnifying the impact of their own marketing investments to help solve workforce challenges.

For eligible partners, WEDC will provide dollar-for-dollar matching funds to support talent attraction and retention marketing.

Talent Marketing Toolkit

Wisconsin is an ideal place to start or grow a career, raise a family, and build a life—and we’re letting everyone know it.

Your community can join in on this forward-looking, authentic messaging with WEDC’s Talent Marketing Toolkit. Our new toolkit includes versions of WEDC’s talent-attraction advertising and supporting assets customized for regions across Wisconsin. If you’d like to further customize marketing materials for your location, WEDC will adjust it for you at no cost.

Creating an account is simple; just submit your request.