Wisconsin is a good investment.

Wisconsin lives to help you find success. Part of that is creating a stable, low-risk, supportive environment for doing business. Our state has a balanced budget; tax exemptions for manufacturing, qualified research, and biotechnology; and the highest public pension funding ratio in the nation. In fact, our pension system has been fully funded for more than a decade. This translates into a low risk of unexpected tax burdens—both for your company and for your Wisconsin-based employees.

In addition to a great business environment, you’ll also have an experienced guide. WEDC is here to provide industry expertise that advances your expansion strategies; help you navigate governmental processes; and connect you with the knowledge, tools, and relationships you need to minimize risk and maximize return on your investment.

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Let’s explore Wisconsin’s global market strengths.

Wisconsin’s strategic location, deep support of industry, world-class workforce, and investment in research and development have set homegrown companies up for global success. These factors also attract companies from around the world to Wisconsin. Here, you’ll find endless advantages, surprising opportunities, thriving clusters, and key industries including advanced manufacturing; water technology; biohealth; aerospace; food and beverage; and energy, power, and controls.

Wisconsin’s Top Export Products

Industrial and electrical machinery and medical and scientific instruments

Wisconsin Export Products

$28.0 Billion

Wisconsin Export Destinations

200 countries and territories

Invest in Wisconsin

Discover Wisconsin’s featured industries and location strengths.

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