Let’s grow your business, together.

Each day in Wisconsin, companies just like yours boot up computers, start up the line, and get to work. You create jobs, contribute to your community, and provide wages that support growing families raising the next generation of Wisconsinites. Your success is Wisconsin’s success. WEDC and our statewide network of partners are dedicated to nurturing your Wisconsin roots and helping your company grow, right here, in smart and strategic ways. Together, we provide growth-oriented solutions in the form of capital investment, community development, and tools and resources to catalyze your business growth, maximize your company’s potential, and amplify your economic impact in Wisconsin.

Resources for growing Wisconsin businesses

An aerial view of a cargo ship.

Location and Infrastructure

A central location and well-developed transportation network—from rail to commercial ports and international airports—make Wisconsin a smart choice. Learn More
An aerial view of a cargo ship.

Certified Sites

For low risk and quick turnaround times and approvals, choose a Certified Site for your industrial space. Search sites
A crane next to a new construction project.

Available Sites

Find the perfect community and space, building, or site for your business. SEARCH LOCATIONS

Programs at a Glance

Business Development Tax Credit

Tap into refundable tax credits for companies remaining, expanding, or relocating in Wisconsin.

Industrial Revenue Bonds

Take advantage of this unique revenue bond organized and issued by a state or local government, the proceeds of which are directed to a private, for-profit business.

Enterprise Zone Tax Credit

Capitalize on refundable tax credits for companies undertaking major expansion projects in, or relocating major business operations from other states to, Wisconsin.

Businesses are growing in Wisconsin.

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