Let’s navigate the world of ARPA funding, together.

We’re all still recovering back from the economic impacts of the pandemic, but certain communities and industries were disproportionately affected—and your organization or business may qualify for a funding program through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). This federal legislation casts a wide net, but the funding programs within it each have a unique focus:

Equitable Recovery – Organizations and programming that address child care, housing, and environmental inequities
Health Care Infrastructure – Investments in health care to address service disparities
Diverse Business Assistance – Chambers of commerce and nonprofits that provide assistance to diversely owned businesses
Diverse Business Investment – Community development financial institutions that provide grants and forgivable loans to small businesses
Neighborhood Investment Fund – Local and tribal governments investing in recovering neighborhoods
Tourism Capital – Rebuilding communities and reigniting tourism

WEDC, in partnership with the Department of Administration and other state agencies, is taking the lead in the administration and tracking of distributed funds.

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Recorded Training Sessions

A series of training videos from FORVIS Wisconsin, WEDC, and the Department of Administration (DOA) introduces you to the funding available and help you understand your grant agreement. It also provides you with guidelines related to internal control functions such as timekeeping, cost allocation, record retention, and grants management pursuant to ARPA Uniform Guidance.

Grantees may access recordings.
Please contact us for access.

Video titles include:

  • Understanding Your Wisconsin Grant Agreement
  • Grant Related Human Resources Overview
  • Stay Secure and Protected
  • Payment Requests and Financial Monitoring
  • Procurement and Vendor Management
  • Internal Controls Overview
  • Cash and Inventory Management Overview
  • Financial & Single Audit Preparation
  • Board of Directors Best Practices
  • Closeout of DOA ARPA Grants

Resources for Understanding Your Grant Agreement

ARPA Requirements

Final Rule Final Rule OverviewFAQs

Form Links

Equitable RecoveryHealthcare InfrastructureTourism CapitalNeighborhood Investment FundDiverse Business AssistanceDiverse Business Investment

Equitable Recovery Program

Program Website (wi.gov)Contact EmailGrant Program Guide (Includes FAQs)

Health Care Infrastructure

Program Website (wi.gov)Contact EmailGrant Program Guide (Includes FAQs)

Tourism Capital

Program Website (wi.gov)Contact EmailGrant Program Guide (Includes FAQs)

Diverse Business Assistance

Program Website (wi.gov)Contact EmailGrant Program Guide (Includes FAQs)

Diverse Business Investment

Program Website (wi.gov)Contact EmailGrant Program Guide (Includes FAQs)

Neighborhood Investment Fund

Program Website (wi.gov)Contact EmailGrant Program Guide (Includes FAQs)

Additional Resources

Employees v. Contractor U.S. - Department of Labor (DOL) Time Keeping and Pay - ECFR Link Time Keeping and Pay - DOL Time Reference Exempt v. Non-Exempt - Final Rule: Overtime Update Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook - Wisconsin HR Handbook