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Wisconsin has always been forward thinking. Here you’ll find a thriving biohealth sector, whether your focus is medical devices, life sciences, pharma, research, or innovation. In fact, the future of biohealth technology and personalized medicine is being invented and manufactured right here in Wisconsin. This life-changing innovation is fueled by billions in academic research and development, driven by the collaboration between our business and academic technology leadership, and brought to life by your manufacturing expertise. This unique combination of strengths has led to Wisconsin’s designation as a Regional Technology Hub by the federal government.

Wisconsin’s also gained international attention for its strength in several biohealth subsectors—including medical device manufacturing, digital health, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. These subsectors have converged into an interconnected, synergistic field, creating groundbreaking solutions that are drawing investment from across the globe. It’s an exciting time to be in Wisconsin. In fact, we can’t think of a better place to grow your biohealth company. Just ask the more than 2,000 biohealth firms already here.

Source: Lightcast 2022 Q4 Dataset

Source: U.S. Census Bureau data as reported by WISERTrade

Regional Tech Hub designation for Wisconsin…is an acknowledgment of our potential for exponential growth and innovation. The reality is, collectively, Wisconsin is already a leader in biohealth technology and precision manufacturing. We have the capabilities in place, and this designation will launch new endeavors that will benefit all of humankind.

Lisa Johnson

CEO, BioForward Wisconsin

Biohealth Companies in Wisconsin

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Our interest in research and innovation, combined with our advanced manufacturing know-how, create a robust biohealth ecosystem that will be an advantage for your company.

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