Let’s look forward,

Wisconsin is known for forward thinking. We’re home to momentum builders, change creators, and what’s next-ers who all have their own visions of success. Starting new businesses. Making the world a better place. Expanding their reach. Revitalizing their communities. Transforming their operations. WEDC is here to help them make it all happen by providing resources, operational support, and financial assistance, and working with more than 600 partners across the state. Our partners include regional economic development organizations, academic institutions and industry clusters.


To strategically invest in Wisconsin to enhance the economic well-being of people and their businesses and communities


An Economy for All, where every Wisconsinite has the opportunity to thrive

This is how we envision success.


We help to create thriving, vibrant communities all over Wisconsin by supporting the revitalization of Main Streets and commercial districts and catalyzing the visions of a broad range of business owners. This brings new energy, healthy commerce, and welcoming shared spaces to rural and urban areas.

Woman holding pies in a bakery.


We help motivated companies expand to realize their potential by introducing them to new markets and facilitating international relationships. This includes Wisconsin-based companies looking outward as well as companies across the U.S. or around the world looking to invest and grow in Wisconsin.

A man in a conference room with whiteboards in the background.


We help innovators and problem solvers create a better world by championing their visions and inventions from concept through commercialization. This results in everything from innovative new enterprises and technology that improves people’s lives to discoveries that transform entire industries.

A scientist in a lab.


We help people all over Wisconsin transform the ways they live and work through strategic sustainability and new energy sources. This ranges from making smart operational advancements that maximize productivity and resource efficiency to helping companies and communities participate in the next-energy economy.

Solar panels in a field.

We’re looking forward, together.

Every day, WEDC and its partners across the state team up to help businesses and communities find success. 

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