Melissa “Missy” Hughes
Secretary and CEO

Melissa “Missy” Hughes is secretary and CEO of WEDC, Wisconsin’s lead economic development organization. Before joining WEDC in October 2019, she was general counsel and…. Read More

Sam Rikkers
Chief Operating Officer

Sam Rikkers is deputy secretary and chief operating officer for WEDC. Prior to joining WEDC in November 2019… Read More

David Brukardt
Associate Vice President, Office of Economic Development, UW System

David Brukardt is associate vice president of economic development for the University of Wisconsin System, a position jointly funded by the WEDC. In this… Read More

Scott Champion
Vice President, Marketing and Brand Strategy

Scott Champion is vice president of marketing and brand strategy for WEDC. He joined WEDC in March 2021.Read More

Mary Gage
Vice President, Business & Community Development

Mary Gage is vice president of business and community development for WEDC, a role she assumed in July 2019…Read More

Aaron Hagar
Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Sector Strategy Development

Aaron Hagar is vice president of entrepreneurship and innovation and sector strategy development for WEDC. Aaron previously served… Read More

Joshua Robbins
Vice President, Technology and Information Systems

Joshua Robbins is vice president of technology and information systems for WEDC. He joined WEDC in December 2011, and joined the executive staff… Read More

Katy Sinnott
Vice President, Global Trade and Investment

Katy Sinnott is vice president of international business development with WEDC. In this role, she is responsible for … Read More

Marcy West
Director, Office of Rural Prosperity

Marcy has lived and worked on rural issues throughout her career including through the County Land and Water Conservation Departments, Federation of Cooperatives and the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.Read More

Mike Woicekowski
Assistant to the CEO/Director of Special Projects

Michael Woicekowski serves as assistant to the secretary and director of special projects. He joined WEDC in November 2019…. Read More

Amy Young
Senior vice president of Strategic Investment and Policy

Amy Young is the senior vice president of Strategic Investment & Policy for WEDC. Amy has more than 14 years of economic development… Read More