Let’s protect your business from cyberthreats.

Whether you have a large company or own a small business, cybercrime is one of the most serious threats today. Criminals from around the globe attack individual businesses and hack more than 30,000 websites daily, with the average hack costing more than $3 million to fix.

These hacks can be devastating for small businesses, which face the same threats and impacts but may have fewer resources to address them. The best way to protect your business is to understand the issues and take steps to reinforce your operations.

In this free video series from WEDC, Matt Frost from the Wisconsin Procurement Institute provides the basic knowledge necessary to make your business more secure. The videos include a broad overview of cybersecurity, key factors for small businesses to consider, and three cyberthreat exercises.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Cybersecurity

(10:04) Learn the basics of Cybersecurity and discover practical ways to begin and advance your journey of protecting yourself and your business from risk. Use these tools and tips to investigate where you currently stand relative to four strategic imperatives.

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Chapter 2: Sorting Data

(5:44) Learn strategies to identify your critical data, control access to your data, and establish good data behaviors. Discover free tools and ways to engage in productive conversations with third-party providers.

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Chapter 3: Evaluating Exposure

(9:36) Learn what kind or risk profile you and your business have and what criteria to follow to determine whether your data should be accessible.

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Chapter 4: Insider Threats

(7:38) Learn what to consider when making decisions about who should have access to your data. Evaluate access based on a user’s background, disposition, and role within the organization.

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Chapter 5: Safely Storing Data

(20:42) Learn how to safely store data to reduce the risk of accidental or intentional exposure. Gain insight on the importance of encryption and what data you should focus on protecting first. Understand other data storage considerations like scalability, backups, and recoverability.

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Chapter 6: Culture of Security

(22:17) Learn how to build a security-minded culture including what common bad behaviors to watch out for and what good behaviors to encourage. Understand why it’s critical to establish a regular training program that includes acceptable use policies, incident response, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans.

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Chapter 7: Improving Security

(10:23) Learn more about evaluating whether your approach to cybersecurity is working and what tools you need for digital accountability, which involves monitoring risks and threats, reviewing your security program, and identifying risks and managing them.

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Chapter 8: Exercise 1: The Mistake

(14:05) Learn what to do when cybersecurity mistakes happen. Whether it’s an employee downloading an attachment from a fraudulent email, computers beginning to become unresponsive, or ransom banners and loss of critical business functions, there are always three critical considerations.

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Chapter 9: Exercise 2: The Attack

(6:04) Learn what to do when a cybersecurity attack happens. From leaked organizational files to understanding the cost of the situation to your business reputation, these real-life scenarios help you understand and prepare.

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Chapter 10: Exercise 3: The Saboteur

(9:25) Learn what to do when you have an insider threat, even if the insider doesn’t know they are causing a security concern. Example scenarios range from file shares vanishing from workstations to customers calling to inform you of late deliveries to discrepancies between quotes, invoices, and work instructions.

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Chapter 11: The New Mission

(3:32) Wisconsin businesses are a link in an important chain that protects the livelihood of the individuals and communities in Wisconsin. When cyberattacks happen, departments shut down and people suffer. Watch this short summary video that wraps up the Cyber Matters! curriculum.

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