Collage of Wisconsinites.

Let’s strive for a better Wisconsin, together.

By now, you may sense something different about Wisconsin and WEDC. Here, economic development is more than setting your business up for success; it’s giving your workforce the support they need to be successful, too. As we see it, if everyone in Wisconsin has the opportunity to thrive and to live their best lives, our overall economy will prosper. We call it economic well-being, and it’s what WEDC strives to achieve every day in Wisconsin. But we all have a role in realizing our state’s full economic potential. Whether you’re a business leader, a local official, a state agency, or a small town—whether you’re in a rural or an urban environment—you can contribute your power and resources to ensure the success of our state through overall economic well-being.

Economic well-being depends on financial stability, access to education, available health care, a sound environment, and a strong infrastructure. It’s these interconnected elements that can move us all—individuals, communities, and businesses—forward. Let’s take a look at each aspect of economic well-being.

At our company, we provide good jobs that pay a solid wage. We do our best to support our employees in other ways, such as health care benefits and ongoing training. But having a good job is not the end. It is one of several critical elements that people need to enjoy economic well-being. They need strong and safe communities, they need good schools and hospitals, and they need a healthy environment.

Sachin Shivaram, CEO

Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry | Manitowoc, Wisconsin