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Wisconsin Ambassador feature: Providing affordable, fresh food

November 28, 2023|Wisconsin Ambassadors|

In this month’s column, Appleton native Alex Tyink, president of Fork Farms, discusses why he moved from New York to locate his business—whose patented indoor, vertical hydroponic technology allows people and communities to participate in the fresh, local food movement—in Green Bay.

From Mexico to Madison: Why Wisconsin is My Home for Life and Business

November 13, 2023|Wisconsin Ambassadors|

Wisconsin residents are exceptionally friendly and welcoming, a stark contrast to my experiences in other places. The tight-knit community is not only heartwarming but also reassuring and feels safe, making it a perfect place to raise a family.

Jessica Martin Eckerly: Working with biotechnology companies in Wisconsin

September 6, 2023|Wisconsin Ambassadors|

Forward BIOLABS is a co-working life science lab ideally suited for start-up companies. Labs are fully equipped, maintained, and supported, and offer regular interaction among startup teams, between companies, and industry sponsors and investors.

Making cleaner, safer, and more efficient batteries right here in Wisconsin

May 25, 2023|Wisconsin Ambassadors|

Carol Hirschmugl, co-founder of COnovate, discusses Wisconsin’s startup ecosystem—including industry-university research and development connections—and the role a strong supply chain plays in the battery technology industry.

Empowering diversity: Wisconsin’s support propels success for women- and minority-owned businesses

May 12, 2023|Wisconsin Ambassadors|

The trend of women's entrepreneurship is on the rise, and it's essential to know where to turn for mentorship, networking opportunities, and financial and business assistance.

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