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Indian Markets Offer Significant Export Opportunities

India is home to one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The country had the world’s third-largest economy by purchasing power parity in 2015, due in part to the growth of the middle and upper classes and their high disposable incomes. India’s overall economic growth is accompanied by growth in manufacturing across all subsectors, driving demand for industrial machinery, construction equipment and supplies. Wisconsin companies looking to tap into these opportunities will have the chance to meet potential buyers, distributors and other partners in this market during an upcoming Global Trade Venture to India, Nov. 12-22, 2016.


Universal AET

Founded in 1959, Stoughton-based Universal AET specializes in designing and manufacturing equipment that quiets or muffles loud industrial machinery in various industries, including oil and gas, energy and aerospace. Learn how Universal AET built on its existing global strategy to expand its products’ international presence.


Find New Export Opportunities in India

With a growing economy and a variety of diverse markets, India provides ample possibilities for companies looking to expand their exports. Prem Behl, Wisconsin’s authorized trade representative for India, offers some insight into building relationships and conducting business in the country.


Tap into WEDC’s Experienced Global Network

WEDC's Global Network consists of marketing and business consultants in a number of key markets around the world that serve as the eyes and ears for Wisconsin firms. Learn more about how this network can support export initiatives in 79 key markets.

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