APRIL 2021
Farmers markets emerge from the pandemic

Farmers markets emerge from the pandemic


One of the joys of spring in Wisconsin is the start of farmers market season.

Farmers markets are important to communities in many ways. They are a critical component in rebuilding local food economies. They provide a cost-effective, retail sales opportunity for local food producers, and often for artisan businesses as well. And they are a beloved social gathering place for many Wisconsinites. But as the nation begins to emerge from the pandemic and farmers markets begin to welcome groups of consumers—some of whom may be returning for the first time in more than a year--it’s important to plan socially responsible strategies.

These three ways to help these markets succeed are: adopt conscious placemaking efforts, employ effective marketing strategies, and offer alternative market options.

Placemaking for farmers markets

People who flock to farmers markets care about the locally grown produce and other foods, but another reason they enjoy the markets is for the atmosphere and the fun.

Marketing for farmers markets

Marketing is an important aspect of your farmers market plans. Creating a solid marketing strategy is essential in order to attract more customers, increase the number of return visits, and to capture more spending from each market patron.

Market alternatives

While farmers markets are wonderful attractions during the summer when the weather is nice, kids are out of school and people are looking for things to do, it is often difficult to sustain a farmer’s market year-round.




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