MAY 2022

WEDC grants power downtown development, community investment

Renovated hotel, restaurant and music venue.

Renovated Oxbow Hotel project added 30 much-needed upscale hotel rooms in a growing downtown as well as adding a full-service restaurant and live music to enhance downtown nightlife.


For almost a decade, grants awarded through WEDC’s Community Development Investment (CDI) Grant Program have armed Wisconsin communities with resources critical to building stronger communities and vital local economies.

One of the primary community development tools available from WEDC, these grants have benefited 194 projects in 127 Wisconsin communities. Their impact has proven instrumental to the health of downtown and commercial districts from one end of the state to the other.

CDI Grants provide up to $250,000, or 25% of eligible project costs, for construction, renovation and other physical improvements for projects that incorporate a commercial element. Projects are selected and submitted by the municipality, with the grant funds passed to the project through a development agreement.

Many of our participating Main Street and Connect Communities programs have used these grants to spur key investments related to adaptive reuse, historic preservation, infill development and the development of critical business and civic amenities.

Looking back on a nearly 10-year track record of success, it’s worth highlighting some examples of projects in each of these categories.



Lighting Design Workshop
June 7-8, De Pere
Connect Communities
Annual Reporting Due

June 10
Report Here
Main Street Orientation
July 28, 9 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Madison
Virtual Building Code Workshop
August 2-4, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Virtual Itinerary Development & Marketing Workshop
August 10 & 24, 8-10 a.m.

Crime Prevention & Deterrence Webinar
August 16, noon-1 p.m.

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