On Monday, Governor Tony Evers’ Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence held their first meeting where they discussed the future uses of A.I. in the state of Wisconsin, and how the current workforce could be impacted.

The task force is used as a mechanism to better equip the workforce so that it is capable of capitalizing on A.I. transformations.

In late October of this year, President Biden also named Wisconsin as a regional tech hub in the biohealth industry. CEO & Secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation Missy Hughes mentioned the ways in which the biohealth industry is implementing A.I. already, mentioning that the Medical College of Wisconsin is using A.I. with MRI scans.

She went on to say a physician used these predictions to determine if they were able to remove a prostate cancer tumor from a patient, but also to determine the likelihood of the tumor recurring.

Hughes mentioned several other A.I. uses such as developing school curriculums, brainstorming ways to overcome the nursing shortage and entrepreneurial uses in social work.

[Adapted from: Governor’s Task Force on Workforce and Artificial Intelligence discusses the future of A.I. in Wisconsin. Oct. 30, 2023, WKOW]