A Massachusetts 3D printing company has opened a sales and service office in the Third Ward that is expected to grow to 150 employees in the next three years.

Formlabs, launched in 2011, has grown to become the largest maker of benchtop 3D printers. Its printers are used by businesses that include manufacturers, health care systems, entertainment companies and others who use the printers for prototyping parts and concepts, rapid manufacturing and other applications.

Formlabs is receiving state assistance in setting up the Milwaukee office in the form of up to $675,000 in state income tax credits. The credits are tied to the company bringing its Wisconsin workforce to more than 100 people within three years.

“This is a perfect match: Wisconsin is recognized around the world as a leader in advanced manufacturing and technological innovation, and Formlabs is recognized as the leader in 3D printing,” said Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. Deputy Secretary Sam Rikkers.

[Adapted from:  Massachusetts 3D printer company Formlabs launches Milwaukee office, its first location in the Midwest September 14, 2022 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]