Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes was in Hayward Thursday, Oct. 20 visiting four businesses that received the $10,000 Main Street Bounceback Grants.

Hughes said Wisconsin Surf represented one of 6,600 businesses that took advantage of the grant, including over 20 businesses in Sawyer County, and she said more business are eligible to apply by Dec. 31 if they can have their business operational by the end of the year in a new space.

Hughes also noted that several of the grant recipients around the state used the $10,000 to pursue their dreams, such as a fudge maker expanding or a pet groomer who opens up a storefront to have even more clients.

“It’s a lot of people following their passions,” she said. “Hopefully a lot of the businesses will survive, and if not they are learning and might even open up another business, like you guys.”

[Adapted from: WEDC Secretary visits businesses helped with Bounceback grant October 26, 2022 Sawyer County Record]