As the demand for nurses grows across Wisconsin, nursing education programs are struggling to churn out enough graduates — but not for lack of applicants. Instead, schools are facing dwindling numbers of faculty and limited classroom space, forcing them to turn away prospective students.

A new project at UW-Green Bay is also working to fill the gap, according to Missy Hughes, the CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. The university recently received a $376,000 Workforce Innovation Grant to develop an instructor program for nurses, Hughes said.

“This program through UW-Green Bay and partners in the health care industry in the Green Bay area is really going to ramp up the number of (nursing) teachers we have,” she said, “and in that way, we’ll be able to then have more nurses.”

[Adapted from: Wisconsin nursing schools struggle to graduate enough students amid nurse shortage October 17, 2022 Wisconsin Public Radio]