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Celebrate workers in Wisconsin by investing in them

September 5, 2022
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Across state government, we’re investing strategically to help workers and to strengthen our communities so they can attract the best talent. For example, at Gov. Evers’ direction, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. and the Department of Workforce Development are providing more than $128 million in Workforce Innovation Grants to 27 regional projects to meet workforce needs in key sectors.

As the name suggests, these are innovative, grassroots, collaborative, practical solutions – such as helping small school districts grow their next generation of teachers, ensuring a steady supply of rural health care workers, and providing that last mile of transportation between the bus stop and a local employer.

Government’s role is to deliver to our businesses people who are ready and able to work – people who are educated and trained, who have stable housing, health care, and transportation, and whose kids have enough to eat and safe places to grow. We need to celebrate our workers by joining together to give them the support they deserve. It’s an investment that will pay off for generations.

[Adapted from: Celebrate workers in Wisconsin by investing in them September 5, 2022 Milwaukee Business Journal]

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