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Creamery allows brothers to keep milking

June 22, 2021
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Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes and Marcy West, director of WEDC’s Office of Rural Prosperity visited Udder Brothers’ Creamery in Boscobel Monday as part of Wisconsin’s celebration of June Dairy Month. 

“Farmers have a lot of entrepreneurial spirit and certainly know how to take risks and make smart investments,” Hughes said. “What’s exciting about the Udder Brothers’ Creamery is that the Sparrgrove families have really made it a showcase for farm products throughout the region and that they turned to small business ownership to diversify their income and keep the family farm running.” 

(Adapted from “Creamery allows brothers to keep milking ,” June 22, 2021, Midwest Farm Report)

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