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Hurley poised to get multimillion dollar housing project

January 11, 2024
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Hurley is on the cusp of getting a multimillion dollar housing facility that is structured to provide a creative combination of living and learning for those citizens who qualify for residence.

Marketed as a “multifamily, affordable community,” the pending construction is expected to include 40 units with varying numbers of bedrooms.

With the blessing of Iron County and the Hurley City Council, the project is a collaboration between Impact Seven, a nonprofit entity that invests in community development, and Northwood Technical College. They are both based in Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

The project, which was cleared through the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, is earmarked for 13 to 14 acres off of Wisconsin 77, across from the Cary Mine Market.

Carol Keen, director of asset development for Impact Seven, estimates the planned construction at about $13.8 million.

Keen said that 85% of the project will be financed, in part through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

[Adapted from: Hurley poised to get multimillion dollar housing project Jan. 11, 2024, Daily Globe]

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