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Australia is planning a robotics revolution

February 1, 2022
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Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: Wisconsin exporters with expertise, products and robotics systems may want to explore the possibilities for partnering with Australian businesses and organizations.

Australia is pinning its future on robotics.

The Robotics Australia Group (RAG) released a National Robotics Road Map in January 2022 to provide a framework for Australia to establish a self-sustaining local robotics industry.

RAG is collaborating with government, industry, robotics companies, researchers, investors and educational institutions to build a robust, world-class robotics manufacturing ecosystem through the Australian Robotics Ventures Factory. It will serve as a nationally connected marketplace for robotics manufacturers. The project includes a new Robotics Tech Park in Emerald, Queensland with a field testing and demonstration area and an innovation hub.

The 2022 robotics road map updates a 2018 report that was a key driver for establishing robotics clusters, testing grounds and smart mobility areas in Queensland and Western Australia. RAG’s Robotics Australia Network now includes more than 800 people from industry, government and research institutions.

Plans call for transforming industries such as agriculture, transportation, aerospace, health care and education through the use of robotics.

Australia generally does not manufacture its own industrial robots, and Australia’s manufacturers are relying on importing technologies for Industry 4.0, the concept of a more interconnected, data-driven industrial sector.

Australia does, however, have strength in field and service robotics as well as in mining automation and agricultural technology. Incentives also are available for companies to develop and adopt robotic technology in the construction, defense, natural resources, agriculture, environment, aerospace and service sectors.

Wisconsin exporters offering industrial robots, robotic software and hardware, and complete robotic systems for specific industry applications could find market opportunities in Australia. There is also a big interest in educating the general workforce on topics related to automation and tech literacy, so education and training platforms may find a market in Australia, too.

Wisconsin exporters interested in exploring opportunities are encouraged to visit or and contact WEDC for an initial discussion on how its team can assist.


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