Supporting the export capabilities of Wisconsin businesses

Companies that want to grow know they need to export—but navigating the global marketplace requires specialized knowledge and a sound strategy based upon proven best practices. WEDC stands ready to help you gain the insights you need to tap new international markets.

How It Works

Wisconsin companies can be reimbursed for specific expenses associated with an export project that will help to grow their presence in an international market. This grant program is now tiered to provide a base amount of support (up to $10,000 per annual application, limited to three total grants per company), with a higher level of support (up to $25,000 per annual application, limited to six total grants per company) available for companies that have completed ExporTech™.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an established business operating for not less than one year that manufactures, processes, assembles and/or distributes a product or performs a service with a potential to be exported. The company does not need to be headquartered in Wisconsin but must have export-related operations located within the state and provide economic benefit to the state.
  • Self-certify that at least 35% of the value of the product or of the service is composed of Wisconsin cost inputs. Program staff provide an Excel tool to help determine eligibility upon request.
  • The company must be new-to-exporting (no significant export sales or novice/accidental exports) or participating in market expansion. International market is defined as a country, region, or market channel within a country.
  • The company agrees to a minimum cost-match of 30% of the total grant awarded. Grant funds may not be used for past costs or costs associated with activities funded by a CMAG.
  • ExporTech™ graduate companies generally may receive no more than six IMAG grants. Non-ExporTech™ graduate companies generally may receive no more than three IMAG grants.
  • The company must have gross revenue of less than $100 Million unless funded with money from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Companies that have applications in for IMAGs as of the July 1, 2023 are exempt from this requirement.

Assistance Categories

IMAG assistance categories are generally:

  • Trade Shows/Ventures: Assistance may be provided to attend a US Department of Commerce, WEDC approved domestic trade show, an international-based trade show, conference, or business meetings. The IMAG grant may not be used to pay for any cost to attend WEDC sponsored trade ventures and missions.
  • Marketing & Promotion: Assistance may be granted for translation of web/printed materials for a targeted foreign market, design services, advertising, and/or printing. Grants may also be used for company/product/foreign trade zone certification, registration, and marketing within the foreign market.
  • Export Education: Assistance may be approved to support international and export related conferences, seminars, meetings, webinars, and courses. These educational opportunities are for staff who will be implementing the company’s international export strategy. Educational courses and seminars also qualify.
  • Consulting Services: Assistance may be funded for services with WEDC’s Global Business Network Providers, match maker services, Gold Keys, consultants, or brokers.

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