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Waupun Mayor Excited For New Food Truck Alley

July 25, 2023
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The mayor of Waupun is “excited” for a new food truck alley. The city is receiving a $45-thousand-dollar Vibrant Spaces grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

Mayor Rohn Bishop says the project will draw in more visitors to the Waupun area.

“To hopefully have a good time and spend some money…it’s an underused lot downtown…it was the site of a full former building that had to be torn down and cleaned up,” says Bishop. “The food truck court…they’re very popular. When Fond du Lac has their food truck things up at Lakeside Park…everyone turns out for them. So, I think it’s going to be fun. We can sprinkle in some live music with it and get people downtown.”

Bishop says he is thrilled to see the growth downtown Waupun has experienced in recent years.

“I tell people Waupun’s got it going on,” says Bishop. “We have several buildings down there with scaffolding in front of them. The coffee shop is expanding and doubling in size. The jewelry store is expanding and doubling in size. The art studio is doing phenomenally well. We’re going to do some Waupun themed murals on some of the walls down there. The historical society is all cleaned up and they’re pretty busy. That baseball card shop is the number one seller of TOPS baseball cards in the entire country and it’s located all in downtown Waupun.”

[Adapted from: Waupun Mayor Excited For New Food Truck Alley. July 25, 2023, Daily Dodge]

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