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Wisconsin’s Drive for $75M Towards Personalized Medicine Innovation

March 1, 2024
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Following Wisconsin’s designation as a Regional Technology and Innovations Hub (Tech Hub) from the Economic Development Administration (EDA) last October, the Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub submitted its Phase 2 application seeking $75 million in funds to support six interconnected projects designed to transform the State of Wisconsin into a global leader in biohealth innovation and personalized medicine.

The Projects:

  • Wisconsin Health Data Hub- aims to establish a cyber-secure repository of expansive health data, fueling innovation and reducing the cost and time required to bring new therapies to market. Led by UW-Madison.
  • CAREScan Mobile Screening Center- addresses health disparities by deploying mobile cancer screening fleets in underserved communities, collecting valuable biomarker data, and advancing health equity. Led by Medical College of Wisconsin.
  • Image-Guided Therapy Data-Centric Patient Care Pathway- streamlines the integration of new technologies into healthcare systems, supporting the growth of theranostics and driving innovation in personalized medicine. Led by GE HealthCare.
  • Advancing Innovation to Commercialization- bridges the gap between invention and market deployment, providing critical support for entrepreneurs and moving innovations closer to market readiness. Led by BioForward Wisconsin.
  • Actualizing Biohealth Career Pathways- ensures a skilled workforce to sustain sector growth through expanded certification programs, apprenticeships, and skills-based training, creating inclusive talent pipelines aligned with employer demands. Led by Madison College and Milwaukee Area Technical College.
  • Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub Governance- nurtures collaboration across projects, tracks metrics, and shares learnings, reinforcing the cycle of innovation and deployment. Led by BioForward.

[Adapted from: Wisconsin’s Drive for $75M Towards Personalized Medicine Innovation Feb. 29, 2024, BioForward News]

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