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Understanding Mexico’s budget for public security

June 1, 2021
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Why this is important to Wisconsin businesses: The security industry is a sector that is ripe for exports from Wisconsin companies.

With concerns about rising crime rates, Mexico’s government made plans to increase its budget for public safety. The total budget amounts to $11.4 billion USD ($239.3 billion MXN), with three major categories: crime prevention, crime prosecution and the justice system.

The allocation for crime prevention amounted to $1.6 billion USD ($33.1 billion MXN) in 2019. Included in that is funding for crime prevention, protection and public security; government programs to support human rights; and programs to promote and enhance the security of Mexican citizens.

The budget for crime prosecution is $4.9 billion USD ($101.5 billion MXN). Much of the funding goes to Mexico’s National Guard, the government police force created in 2019 with the goal of preventing crime and protecting public security. Part of the budget also goes to Mexico’s military, which has played an important role in supporting Mexican police forces in fighting crime since 2006. Also, an allocation is included for combating corruption.

The largest portion of the budget, $5 billion USD ($104.8 billion MXN), goes to support the Mexican justice system, including the prisons.

In Mexico, the federal and state governments are the largest customers of security devices and products. No information was available on the amount spent by Mexican residents for personal protection. According to the 2019 National Survey on Victimization and Perception of Public Safety (ENVIPE) report, a number of the measures taken by the civilian population include adding security devices to doors and windows, buying watchdogs and initiating community surveillance measures.

Wisconsin exporters of products and technologies that support the security industry can take advantage of these public and private spending trends to find opportunities in the Mexican market.



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