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New ways to support entrepreneurs

August 1, 2022
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Apply for Entrepreneurship Partner Grants starting Aug. 8

MADISON, WI. AUG. 1, 2022 – Wisconsin’s entrepreneurial spirit is thriving with more organizations creating innovative programs to support residents as they build businesses. Now the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is offering additional opportunities for these organizations to receive grants to support entrepreneurs and remove barriers to their success.

“Throughout Wisconsin there are wonderful nonprofits supporting our state’s entrepreneurs and small business owners with training, technical assistance and more,” said Missy Hughes, WEDC secretary and CEO. “These groups are also working hard to remove barriers many startups face, such as access to capital and education. WEDC wants to ensure that there’s room in our grant programs to support the valued organizations that have a track record of success working with entrepreneurs as well as newer innovative programs that push our entrepreneurship programs forward.”

Grants, which will likely range from $10,000 to $200,000, will be awarded to programs based on factors such as number of entrepreneurs served, cost effectiveness and innovation. The first application period opens Aug. 8 and closes Sept. 2.

The EPG program is for nonprofits, communities and other eligible organizations that are working to support entrepreneurs – including groups such as people of color, women, the LGBT+ community and rural residents who may not have had access to the same educational and funding opportunities as others. The program’s grants can help these nonprofits pay for things such as entrepreneurship training, mentors, seed accelerators, technical assistance and more.

For fiscal year 2023, the EPG program has a budget of $2.25 million.

The deadline to apply for the first round of grants is Sept. 2.

For more information, visit our Entrepreneurship Partner Grants page.

To begin the application process, please contact Allie Palmer, entrepreneurship investment coordinator at:

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