Reams of data support the fact that women entrepreneurs are not as likely to get funded as their male counterparts. Madison’s Doyenne Group aims to flip this script and provide resources to female entrepreneurs and innovators to help set them up for success.

Since its founding by four brothers in 2004, Salm Partners has grown to about 200,000 square feet—and is the nation’s largest co-manufacturer of sausage and hot dog products.

Salm Partners

The goal of DataChat is to make it easier for anyone at a company to seek answers to detailed questions in simple language, especially smaller businesses that can’t afford to hire a pricey data scientist.

DataChat logo

SHINE Technologies manufactures a key isotope used in stress tests, bone scans and several other medical procedures to help assess a potential fracture or other serious conditions such as heart disease or cancer. Manufacturing in Wisconsin means that there will be a ready supply of the isotope for markets across North America, overcoming today’s supply chain issues and challenges that come with overseas production.

SHINE Technologies