​Eagle Technology's international strategy has evolved as it has grown and leveraged statewide resources to develop and execute an export plan to achieve additional productivity and profitability.

A vision for cleaner battery technology for industrial forklifts used in manufacturing plants is the goal of Blue Line Battery, a lithium-ion battery company based in Beloit. Its batteries are now used in 35 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Blue Line Battery

SHINE Technologies manufactures a key isotope used in stress tests, bone scans and several other medical procedures to help assess a potential fracture or other serious conditions such as heart disease or cancer. Manufacturing in Wisconsin means that there will be a ready supply of the isotope for markets across North America, overcoming today’s supply chain issues and challenges that come with overseas production.

SHINE Technologies

Discover Elephas Biosciences Corp.'s groundbreaking method for personalized cancer treatment. By using live tumor cells and assessing immune cell activity, Elephas aims to revolutionize diagnostics beyond traditional practices.

Elephas Biosciences logo