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WEDC launches new website

May 31, 2024
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Image of WEDC home page

WEDC has refreshed its primary website with bold new messaging and a visitor-focused structure that helps users quickly find the resources, guidance, and programs that best serve their needs.

“With its active, kinetic design and bold photos of the people we’re here to serve, this new site exemplifies our vision of giving every Wisconsinite the opportunity to thrive and presents a dynamic picture of our state,” says WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes.

The new site offers intuitive paths to guide visitors on their journey.

The top-level menu presents five simple sections, built around users’ needs:

  • Why Wisconsin, a comprehensive collection of the everything our state has to offer
  • Grow Your Business, with journeys for businesses of all types, sizes, and goals
  • Enhance Your Community, providing access to resources that help build thriving, vibrant communities
  • About WEDC, directing visitors to resources ranging from news and leadership, to reports and career opportunities
  • Programs and Resource Center, with access to detailed program information organized by category and a growing collection of in-depth resource centers

For users who prefer to jump directly to information tailored to their needs, the home page includes a tool that guides them to resources based on their interests. Categories offered are:

  • I represent a Wisconsin community
  • I own a Wisconsin business
  • I am a site selection specialist
  • I represent a U.S. business
  • I represent an international business
  • I am an entrepreneur

For those who prefer a self-guided exploration, a persistent “super-menu” at the bottom of every page allows for rapid exploration of the site; an all-new search function improves both speed and accuracy.

Finally, the new site combines multiple previously existing websites into a single package that serves everyone’s needs quickly. “With our extensive Why Wisconsin section that presents a compelling case for our state, we’ve folded in all of the rich content from our previous attraction website,, into a single web home that tells our full story,” says Senior Director of Digital Marketing Sarah Duchemin. “With that in place, we’re in the process of retiring that site in favor of this single source of inspiration and information.”

In addition to, WEDC operates several other focused websites:

  •, presenting tools and resources from the Office of Rural Prosperity
  •, designed to attract out-of-state talent by showing how Wisconsin is the ideal state to grow a career, raise a family, and live their best life
  •, an event site for the governor’s annual conference on diverse business development

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