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New tool gives small businesses access to big data intelligence

February 27, 2023
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What is SizeUpWI?

Small businesses are the heart of Wisconsin, and WEDC understands that it takes a lot to run a small business without the same resources as a large corporation. Sophisticated business intelligence can be a huge differentiator for a business’s success. To help the state’s small and midsize businesses get ahead, WEDC is providing them with access to the SizeUpWI tool, a customized platform that provides data-driven answers to questions about competitive performance indicators, local opportunities, and advertising hotspots.

Who is this resource for?

SizeUpWI is intended for use by small and midsize business of all types, across all sectors, located anywhere in Wisconsin.

What can someone find there?

Using SizeUpWI, businesses can find data that will help them:

  • Discover potential customers and suppliers
  • Optimize advertising and marketing to ideal customers
  • Analyze the characteristics and spending of consumers in a given area
  • Validate or reject assumptions about future business performance
  • Rank an industry’s performance across multiple measurements

How does it work?

SizeUpWI is simple to use. Start by entering the relevant industry in the search bar and defining a location. This will generate customized data insights in three subcategories: “My Business,” “Competition,” and “Advertising.” You’ll have the opportunity to benchmark your own performance relative to competitors, customers, and suppliers, allowing you to make informed decisions about growth and expansion. Businesses can also use the platform to aid their marketing strategy: SizeUpWI provides information on local marketing trends and opportunities businesses can use to effectively promote their goods or services.

Explore the possibilities for your Wisconsin business with SizeUpWI.

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