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Wisconsin’s manufacturing strength boosts biohealth sector

January 2, 2024|Entrepreneurship|

Wisconsin biohealth companies rely on the state's manufacturers to supply production systems, make components, develop customized equipment, and test for safety and efficacy. These manufacturers provide the supply chain that allows labs and assembly lines to operate—in Wisconsin, throughout the U.S., and around the world.

Smartcare Software bridges gaps among patients, families, and home health care providers

November 1, 2023|Entrepreneurship|

The Eau Claire-based startup's cloud-based platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to simplify and improve the process of delivering care at home, in assisted living facilities, or in retirement communities.

Sift Healthcare uses artificial intelligence to cut administrative hassles

May 15, 2023|Entrepreneurship|

The Milwaukee-based startup helps improve efficiencies in areas that include reducing the denial rate for medical claims and proposing payment plan terms that are likely to result in on-time payments.

Pivotal Health brings health care into homes with comfort, convenience, and transparency

May 15, 2023|Entrepreneurship|

From its roots in the Madison area, the startup is expanding its services across Wisconsin and has contracts with regional and national health insurance companies.

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