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Entrepreneurship Partner Grant

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Partner Grant is to encourage the formation of entrepreneurship support programs and to develop startup and emerging growth companies in the state of Wisconsin.

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Fabrication Laboratories Grant

Help prepare students for the advanced manufacturing jobs of the future by applying for a Fab Labs Grant.

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Capital Catalyst

Capital Catalyst provides matching grants to seed funds to provide capital to high-growth startups and emerging growth companies.

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Historic Preservation Tax Credit

Wisconsin’s historic business communities remind us of the state’s rich architectural history while continuing to serve as centers of congregation and commerce ...

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Idle Sites Redevelopment Program

The Idle Sites Redevelopment Program is a highly competitive program, offering grants to Wisconsin communities for the implementation of ...

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Community Development Investment Grant

This program supports redevelopment efforts by providing financial incentives for shovel-ready projects, emphasizing downtown community-driven efforts.

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Industrial Revenue Bond

Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) are designed to help Wisconsin municipalities support industrial development through the sale of tax-exempt bonds ...

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Capacity Building Grants

Wisconsin’s Capacity Building (CB) Grant program is designed to help strengthen Wisconsin’s economic development network.

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Brownfields Grant Program

The Brownfields Grant Program provides grants for redeveloping commercial and industrial sites impacted by environmental contamination

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