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Vibrant Spaces Grant

The new Vibrant Spaces Grant, a pilot program within the Community Development Investment (CDI) Grant Program, is designed to assist with creating vibrant and engaging communities that make it easier to recruit and retain residents, sustain a robust labor force and enhance local quality of life. With the help of this grant, public gathering places will foster community connections and provide accessible locations for the programming and amenities local residents desire—with the additional benefit of boosting foot traffic for area businesses.

How it works

Grants in amounts from $25,000 to $50,000 are available to help local communities develop and enhance public spaces. The application must come from the municipality, and only one application per municipality will be considered. (A Vibrant Spaces Grant application does not affect a community’s broader eligibility for a CDI Grant.) In the FY23 competitive grant cycle, no more than 30 grants will be awarded. Applicants must agree to provide a 1:1 match of the grant amount.

How to qualify

Competitive projects will:

  • Incorporate multiple improvements within or associated with one public space
  • Demonstrate community engagement and support via a community document/plan and/or via letters of support from public, private and civic partners
  • Be ready to begin construction during 2023
  • Increase the number and type of audiences using the space
  • Create visible and lasting transformations that foster public activity

Review criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on criteria including:

  • Creation of visible and pedestrian-oriented public space
  • Potential of the space to attract multiple user groups and activities
  • Impact of the project on the community, the district and nearby businesses
  • Demonstrated community support for the project (e.g., multiple funding partners, civic organization participation)
  • Ability of the project to be started in 2023