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Badger Technology Group

January 22, 2024
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State aerospace knowhow wins global business

When Daniel Wade founded the Badger Technology Group in 2016, he brought 30 years of experience in growing the export business of Astronautics and a deep recognition of the importance of foreign trade.

Port Washington’s Badger Technology Group started as a consulting firm catering to U.S. companies in the aerospace industry. Eventually, it moved into software and hardware integration, engineering development, and production. In 2020, it acquired a Florida aviation simulation manufacturer and expanded its product line. Its growth allowed the company to ramp up its international efforts for aircraft upgrades, simulators, software development and a host of other goods and services.

“We realized that there were opportunities from the get-go,” Wade said. “We’ll provide an integrated aircraft system with parts from as many as 40 suppliers, but service drives what we do.”

Growth through international sales

The company has exported to seven nations and has ongoing proposals in 13 others. Of the company’s staff, 95% are dedicated to international activities, with the other 5% involved in both U.S and international sales.

Aircraft simulator

The company targeted Saudi Arabia and assembled a team of more than 40 partners and suppliers, including a number of $1 billion partners to gain agreements to upgrade its C-130 transport aircraft and AWACS and tanker fleets.

While those projects were delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Badger Technology’s efforts resumed in 2023 and are awaiting budget resolution. The company also has a Peruvian contract for an anti-drug aircraft system. It was also able to land recent deals in India and Canada.

In 2022, the company received a WEDC International Market Access Grant to attend the United Arab Emirates’ International Defense Conference. Badger Technology also mentors other Wisconsin companies, such as Suntraption in Ashland, in strategies to boost exports.

“Challenges are pretty consistent across the board for expanding international markets, but we do want companies to know that there are tools available to them,” Wade said.

“I highly recommend that most companies should look at the world as a small place and should go after international business.”

Daniel Wade

President, Badger Technology Group

Making exports work for Wisconsin

Badger Technology Group’s export success helped it grow from 10 employees to 39 and increase sales by 400% since 2020—even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which delayed two of its projects. Today, exports account for 86% of the company’s total sales. The company plans to add another 10 engineers for its current contract, and another 100 employees once its Saudi agreements are finalized.

Badger Technology has also partnered with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s micro-grid lab as part of the firm’s contract with the U.S. Air Force for an intelligent, large-scale energy storage system.

“I highly recommend that most companies should look at the world as a small place and should go after international business,” said Wade. “There are a lot of markets out there that are looking for products and think highly of products that are coming from the state of Wisconsin.”

“We want to extend a huge thank you,” Simmons said. “We are so appreciative to all our partners, volunteers, customers, the state and the entire community who have supported us on our journey over the past several years.”

The community has also taken notice of the improvements, which contributed to a livelier, more attractive downtown area.

“We are excited to see the striking storefront and enhanced interior space,” said Definitely De Pere Executive Director Tina Quigley. “As an organization committed to enhancing the vitality of downtown De Pere, we are thrilled to see this prominent corner location refreshed.”

Success Story

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Badger Technology Group, Port Washington


Market aerospace expertise worldwide to expand sales

State support:

International Market Access Grant


Grew sales by 400% since 2020; increased staff from 10 to 39, with further growth planned based on new international contracts

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