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Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

November 6, 2018
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WEDC support helped company relocate its operations from Minnesota

It was 2016 when Diversified Manufacturing Corporation (DMC), a premier contract manufacturer of over-the-counter skin care and personal grooming products, realized it needed to consolidate its operations into a single location. After expanding its Minnesota operations in 2002 and again in 2008, DMC found itself landlocked. Facing the difficulty of maintaining multiple facilities, but still needing room to increase in size, DMC began considering sites in Minnesota and Wisconsin where it could move.

WEDC helps Diversified Manufacturing Corporation find a new home

The State of Wisconsin saw a record level of economic growth in 2017, and as more and more companies decided to establish or expand operations in the state, DMC also realized that Wisconsin’s attractive incentive programs were too good to pass up.

Wisconsin offered us everything we wanted, including financial support and the personnel to help us get what we needed.

Rishikesh Motilall

President and CEO, Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

DMC received substantial financial help from the City of Prescott and Wisconsin, which ensured it could build a facility large enough to support its immediate needs and potential growth. The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) supported the project by authorizing up to $520,000 in state income tax credits over three years contingent upon the expected number of jobs to be created and the level of capital investment over that time. The City of Prescott used tax increment  financing funds to provide $766,000 in financial incentives, which was used for infrastructure and direct incentives. WEDC also worked closely with DMC, the developer and local government officials to help identify the best site for the project, ultimately selecting one of the 20 sites in WEDC’s Certified Sites Program, which provided assurances that the property was development-ready.

“Our business grew much more because we have additional space. We have a good nucleus of personnel who look forward to come to work every day here.”

Rishikesh Motilall

President and CEO, Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

Diversified Manufacturing Corporation plants its Wisconsin roots

Furthermore, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation provided assistance by awarding the City of Prescott a $368,540 Transportation Economic Assistance Grant to help fund a new access road leading to the facility. Diversified Manufacturing Corporation plants its Wisconsin roots DMC formally opened its new 150,000 square-foot facility in the Eagle Ridge Business Park in Pierce County. Located on 15 acres, DMC includes a production facility, a sophisticated laboratory, about 30 offices and a child care center for employees.


State Support:
  • Received $520,000 in state income tax credits and $766,000 in financial incentives from city
  • $368,000 transportation grant supplies new access road to facility
  • A new 150,000 square-foot facility in Eagle Ridge Business Park

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